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Since 2005, Karie Kaufmann has helped over 500 business owners achieve their goals, and take their business to the next level. Her clients have achieved double and triple-digit growth in profitability, accomplished through improvements in sales, marketing, team training, systems development and strategic planning.

What’s It Worth?

There are several factors that determine that actual sale price of a business, but there are 2 factors that consistently make a massive impact. If you’re thinking your exit strategy might involve selling your business someday, check out this video. Even if selling is a long-term goal, there are things you [...]

How to NOT Lose Time and Money

Have you grown your business but still don’t feel like there’s much left on your bottom line to show for it. Or perhaps hired more staff, but still feel just as busy as ever? There’s a universal law that explains why this happens… and what to do about it. [...]

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What to Budget for Marketing and Where to Start

How do you decide how much you should be investing in marketing to grow your business? What if you’re in high-growth mode? Or what if cash is tight? How do you know if you’re investing too much or too little? Check out this video to get started on how to set [...]

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How to Build a Business That Works FOR You

There’s a difference between owning a job and owning a business. The first one keeps you busy – trading time for money. Hopefully covering the bills, and maybe even a little better… as long as you’re there to keep it all going. The second means your business is an asset. [...]

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Why You Should Snooze 2X’s

Hi! It’s me. Your old alarm clock. I know, I know, you don’t like hearing from me. In fact, I’ve probably been replaced by that flat, rectangular device that you’re always staring at. But look. I have a message for you, and it’s about your business. You might be wondering [...]

[VIDEO] How to Market High-Priced Services

If what you sell is "expensive" you know that marketing to find the right prospects can be challenging.  And if you sell a service... well, selling the invisible with a high price tag requires a special kind of genius. I get it. Heck, I'm one of you! And I sell [...]

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[VIDEO] How to Create Systems That Stick

Do you want to know the secret to delegating so stuff gets done the right way consistently?The answer lies in creating the right systems - not ones that will be lost and hidden inside of a binder - systems that will be used by your team consistently, so that even when [...]

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[VIDEO] The Most Overlooked Strategy For Getting New Clients

Did you know, 88% of businesses completely miss one of the most powerful strategies for getting new clients to sign on the dotted line? And all it takes to fix it, is a simple system. Having good systems for your sales and marketing will not only increase your revenue, but [...]

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[VIDEO] How to Compete Based on Value, Not Price

There’s one thing that will destroy the profitability of your business faster than anything else I can think of:Price competition.Not only does it eat away at your margins, but it breeds disloyal customers, so your chances for repeat and referral business are also diminished.And as if that’s not enough reason to [...]

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[VIDEO] Should I do PPC Advertising?

"Should I do pay-per-click advertising?" I get this question a lot from my clients. And the truth is, it can either be an extremely powerful tool, or a quick way to throw money down the drain. So, I made a quick video to show you how you can create a [...]

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