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[VIDEO] The Most Overlooked Strategy For Getting New Clients

Did you know, 88% of businesses completely miss one of the most powerful strategies for getting new clients to sign on the dotted line? And all it takes to fix it, is a simple system. Having good systems for your sales and marketing will not only increase your revenue, but it will also prevent the [...]

[VIDEO] How to Compete Based on Value, Not Price

There’s one thing that will destroy the profitability of your business faster than anything else I can think of:Price competition.Not only does it eat away at your margins, but it breeds disloyal customers, so your chances for repeat and referral business are also diminished.And as if that’s not enough reason to avoid competing on price, among [...]

[VIDEO] How to Keep Taking Your Business to the Next Level

As a business owner, you likely wear a lot of different hats - that could range from serving clients to janitorial, or anything in between. When you break your day down, how many different "job descriptions" do you have? If you want to build a business you can sell, it's time to start getting rid [...]

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