How to NOT Lose Time and Money

Have you grown your business but still don’t feel like there’s much left on your bottom line to show for it. Or perhaps hired more staff, but still feel just as busy as ever? There’s a universal law that explains why this happens… and what to do about it. [...]

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[VIDEO] How to Market High-Priced Services

If what you sell is "expensive" you know that marketing to find the right prospects can be challenging.  And if you sell a service... well, selling the invisible with a high price tag requires a special kind of genius. I get it. Heck, I'm one of you! And I sell [...]

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[VIDEO] How to Keep Taking Your Business to the Next Level

As a business owner, you likely wear a lot of different hats - that could range from serving clients to janitorial, or anything in between. When you break your day down, how many different "job descriptions" do you have? If you want to build a business you can sell, it's [...]

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How to Get More (and Better) Testimonials

Yesterday I was doing a Velocity session with all my clients, and the subject of getting more reviews & testimonials came up. We all know powerful that 3rd party validation can be in the sales process, but chances are you have a ton of great clients who have not yet taken [...]

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