What to Budget for Marketing and Where to Start

How do you decide how much you should be investing in marketing to grow your business? What if you’re in high-growth mode? Or what if cash is tight? How do you know if you’re investing too much or too little? Check out this video to get started on how to set [...]

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[VIDEO] How to Compete Based on Value, Not Price

There’s one thing that will destroy the profitability of your business faster than anything else I can think of:Price competition.Not only does it eat away at your margins, but it breeds disloyal customers, so your chances for repeat and referral business are also diminished.And as if that’s not enough reason to [...]

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[VIDEO] Should I do PPC Advertising?

"Should I do pay-per-click advertising?" I get this question a lot from my clients. And the truth is, it can either be an extremely powerful tool, or a quick way to throw money down the drain. So, I made a quick video to show you how you can create a [...]

[VIDEO] How to Create Irresistible Calls to Action

There are 4 common mistakes mistakes businesses make in their marketing. ONE is having a weak (or non-existent) call-to-action. Why is this important? Because having a clear and powerful call to action can massively impact the effectiveness of your marketing - giving prospects a clear path to take the [...]

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[VIDEO] 7 Killer Sales Questions

As business owners, we love doing the things we're great at - you know, serving clients and such. Then sometimes, we have to throw on our 'salesman' hat and sell our stuff...which isn't always our strong suit. What you want: make the sale What you fear: [...]

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Stand Out Marketing + 10-Point Marketing Checklist

These days, it's really easy to get overwhelmed when it comes to marketing your business... Between online ads, social media, direct mail, print ads, networking, etc...it's hard to know where to start... Know what I mean? Here's some good news: there's only 1 thing to get right no matter what medium [...]

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How to Follow-Up Without Being Lame

Following up with slow-moving prospects can be painful - for both you and them! I'm sure this is the reason why most businesses only follow up once or twice (if at all!)... even though studies show that it takes an average of 7 touches to make a [...]

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