What’s It Worth?

There are several factors that determine that actual sale price of a business, but there are 2 factors that consistently make a massive impact. If you’re thinking your exit strategy might involve selling your business someday, check out this video. Even if selling is a long-term goal, there are things you [...]

[VIDEO] How to Create Systems That Stick

Do you want to know the secret to delegating so stuff gets done the right way consistently?The answer lies in creating the right systems - not ones that will be lost and hidden inside of a binder - systems that will be used by your team consistently, so that even when [...]

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[VIDEO] How to Deal with a Bad Employee & Advice From Jack Handey

You may remember those Jack Handey bits from Saturday Night Live from back in the day... While they were mostly ridiculous, I actually found some wisdom in 'Deep Thoughts' - and it has to do with your team. If you're witnessing less-than-stellar performance coming from your team, this video was made [...]

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How to Hire the Right Person + Interview/Hiring Guide

A new hire costs thousands and thousands of dollars. (Not to mention the enormous expense of having a bad employee!) That's why you must prepare accordingly. Hiring should receive the same level of preparation that you would in dealing with your top client... After all, your own business is your most important client. So [...]

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How to Create Business Systems…Where to Start

Click to download the Skill/Fun Matrix and follow the steps below to begin building business systems into your business right away. If you're like most business owners, there's a lot you want to do that you know would make [...]

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