Why You Should Snooze 2X’s

Hi! It’s me. Your old alarm clock. I know, I know, you don’t like hearing from me. In fact, I’ve probably been replaced by that flat, rectangular device that you’re always staring at. But look. I have a message for you, and it’s about your business. You might be wondering [...]

My #1 Productivity Tip

People are always asking me for recommendations on tools and systems to help them be more productive. There are a lot of cool apps and systems that you can use these days to help- but over the years I've found one surefire way to make sure each [...]

[VIDEO] Stop, Collaborate and Listen

"If there's a problem, yo, I'll solve it." Are you tired of constantly getting the, "Hey, you got a minute?" interruptions from your team?  At the end of the day it feels like all you accomplished was answering a bunch of questions, or just trying to make sure everyone is staying on track. [...]

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