[VIDEO] How to Get Better Results From Your Team

Over the past 30 days I implemented ONE strategy with a client that has resulted in:
:: 17% increase from their top performing salesperson
:: 13% to 39% increases from their bottom 2 salesmen
:: 71% reduction in re-work from the team as a whole

Want to know what that ONE strategy was?

Check out this new video, then read on below for exactly how (and why) we made this work for my client:

So here’s how it went…

A scoreboard went up in the office showing how many leads each person received the previous 2 weeks, how many closed, the average ticket amount, and how much re-work was needed.

Game. On.

The good ones got better – fighting to stay at the top.

The lower performers felt a healthy amount of heat, and stepped up their game.

We didn’t spend one additional dollar on marketing. In fact, the lead count was almost identical in both months.

But here’s a critical distinction:
That scoreboard could have created either a positive or negative environment.

The difference between the two comes down to this: LEADERSHIP.

How your team tackles a challenge, receives feedback, is open (or closed) to collaboration and growth… is all up to you.

A scoreboard is a great start, but in order to win consistently, the team has to play like a team, under the guidance of a strong leader.


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Since 2005, Karie Kaufmann has helped over 500 business owners achieve their goals, and take their business to the next level. Her clients have achieved double and triple-digit growth in profitability, accomplished through improvements in sales, marketing, team training, systems development and strategic planning.
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