3 Actions To Take Before The Year Ends

Don’t let 2022 sneak up on you!

Here are 3 steps to take now that will help you end this year strong and set your business up for a strong start in 2022.

2 thoughts on “3 Actions To Take Before The Year Ends”

  1. Karrie:

    To end the year strong, we reduced the headcount that wasn’t producing income for us. That saves about $60k per year.

    We’ve reinvigorated our pattern relationships for marketing to maximize their skills for the fees we pay them.

    We’ve selected new areas of buisejss we have already experienced success in for growth in Progresser Group int o 2022 – Progresser Group is the strategic planning company that serves 2-50M SMB markets.

    Coaching – despite the great training and products, hasn’t attracted as many coaches as we had hoped. We are finishing the year with 15 offices in 10 states with a Jan 2021 goal of having about 85 in place. Big difference, different market than we thought.

    I’d love to receive a GrowthClub invitation and I’ll send you my current coach emails so your team can reach out directly to them with my endorsement.

    Thanks so much. Bob

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