3 Lies Entrepreneurs Tell Themselves

We judge others based on their actions, but we tend to judge ourselves based on our intentions.

In other words, we buy into our own excuses (although we prefer to call them “reasons”), because we know the hundred things that got in our way.

So I challenge you to stop selling yourself short.

Have you fallen victim to any of these lies, or other entrepreneurial myths?

I know I’ve been guilty of Lie #1 – the “time” excuse. But I’ve made a commitment to stop blaming time.

It’s a small but significant shift to go from saying “I didn’t have time” to “I didn’t make the time” or “I didn’t make [this task] a priority.”

The first statement implies I’m a victim, the second and third communicate that I was in control and made a conscious choice.

That’s a shift of power.

What shifts have you made in your mindset or language to dispel the entrepreneurial lies and take back your power?