The REAL JOB Of A Business Owner

If you run a business, your role should evolve over time.

The first few transitions might be easy and obvious, as you add or remove tasks you love or loathe. But as you grow, it can get trickier to determine where your focus should be, and what to let go of.

Join me as I interview a client who has been through at least 3 or 4 versions of his “CEO Job Description,” and hear his advice on how/when to make those decisions, and how to navigate the more challenging leaps.

Your “job” as an owner and leader will change over time. An executive business coach can help define that.

As a business grows, your role as owner, CEO, team leader, you name it will change and grow with it.  Without outside support and perspective, like that from an executive business coach, you would be playing catch up.

We can work together to find your best job, that uses your best skill for the phase of growth you are currently in.  We have business coaching services to fit any size business, let’s connect!