CEO = Chief of EVERYTHING Officer?

CEO ≠ Chief of EVERYTHING Officer

There’s an illusion that being at the top = autonomy. Being in control of your own schedule, unlimited earning potential, freedom and flexibility.

Yet the reality is that many executives and business owners experience anything but that. You wind up being a slave to the team, clients, or the business as a whole.

It turns out that “being the boss” doesn’t mean you report to no one – it means you report to everyone.

The truth is, we’re all naturally bad at being our own boss.

The key to being an effective CEO is recognizing that you can’t execute on everything, so stop trying. Here are two tips to keep you in control as the “Chief of What Really Matters”:

#1. Schedule time to think

It’s incredibly easy to get caught up in the daily grind. You end up working tirelessly in the business to get stuff done, yet neglect to work on the business to build longevity.

When was the last time you blocked out time on your calendar just to think?

Scheduling time to strategize and work on your business is the first step to getting out of reactive-mode. Your priorities will become surprisingly clear, as the busy-ness fades to the background.

Treat your business like your #1 client, and give it the devoted time it deserves.

#2. Be a ruthless judge of your own results (not your intentions)

This one might be tough to hear, but we are all guilty of it. Whether in business or personal life, we tend to judge others based on their actions and results, yet we judge ourselves based on our intentions.

Do you see how this can cause a problem when you’re the boss?

For instance, you might intend to complete an important business-building task but end up pushing it aside to deal with some “urgent” issue. Sure, you had good intentions, but the vital task still didn’t get done, and your good reason is still an excuse.

You’re essentially putting an oxygen mask on everybody/everything except yourself.

So how will you measure whether or not you win this week?

Define your winning result in advance, and schedule time in your calendar to take proactive steps toward it.

And remember, as the Chief EXECUTIVE Officer, executing on a few things well will always take you further than trying to keep up with everything.