Are your goals in your way?

When I met Phill Nosworthy at a conference this summer, I took 18 pages of notes that I’ve re-read at least a half dozen times. It prompted so many shifts for me.

So I begged him to do an interview.

(Ok, not true – no begging was required because Phill is an extremely generous guy.)

I’m convinced of this: most business owners need to re-think how you’re setting goals. And Phill will tell you why, and so much more, in my interview with him below.

So if you’re ready to re-think your goals, or just want to cut through the overwhelm and get clarity on your action plan, join me (live or virtual) for GrowthCLUB.

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  1. Hugh Bowman

    I loved listening to this again!

    • Karie Kaufmann

      Thanks, Hugh! I agree, I got so much value out of interviewing him and hearing some of his insights a second time!