The Gift of Giving

The season of giving is upon us. And what a gift it is to give!

Dr. Ivan Misner puts it best in his famous motto, that “Givers Gain.” In fact, studies have shown that charitable giving actually holds many health benefits, including lowered depression rates, increased self-esteem and stress reduction.

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Improve Company Culture

In a 2016 Deloitte study on volunteering, employees were “twice as likely to rate their corporate culture as very positive” if their company participated in workplace volunteer activities.

In organizing and offering charitable opportunities for your employees, your team becomes more engaged and invested in the company culture. Along with a strong sense of pride, charitable events can create company traditions where employees feel a sense of ownership in their impact.

Happy Team, Happy Business

Team members involved in company sponsored charitable events feel more connected to the team, and that, in turn, translates to a happy employee. Employees appreciate organizations who help others and foster good will in their communities.

It simply makes people feel good, and increases the emotional attachment to their employer. Research shows that happy employees actually benefit your business. The happiest companies are generally among the fastest growing and most productive in the workforce.

Foster New Skills in Your Employees

Volunteer work can offer rewarding experiences and opportunities for team members. Hands-on charity events can build a number of capabilities that might not be gained in an employee’s day to day role.

While in a new environment, employees can learn beneficial skills from the event itself, as well from each other. In addition to making a difference and contributing to a larger purpose, volunteering can shift perspectives, spur creative thinking, and hone leadership qualities.

How can your business get started today?

I am sure you wondering how you can reap all of these amazing benefits for your company, right? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Schedule a volunteer day and invite your employees to vote on a project you can do as a team
  • Pick a child or family in need and donate holiday gifts (ask your employees or a local shelter or church if they know of someone in need)
  • Donate time at a food bank or soup kitchen, or host a canned food drive in the office
  • Gather a list of causes that you and/or your team are passionate about, and make a monthly or one-time donation
  • Host a gently-used clothing or coat drive, and encourage the team to purge their closets for a good cause
  • Join a committee in your community that you feel passionate about
  • Consider a donation-matching program to multiply the contributions that your team members are willing to personally make

A Cause I Believe In

If you have attended one of my GrowthCLUB events, you know that I support B1G1: Buy 1, Give 1 – Business for Good. Through this amazing organization I am able to embed giving into my core business activities and multiply our impact across the globe.

The premise is that every time something good happens in my business, we make something good happen for someone else.

For example, for every coaching session, speaking engagement or strategic planning day I do, I donate income-generating tools and resources to someone in an under-served country – anything from farming tools to chickens to business courses! Check out our Global Giving Map.

B1G1 partners with countless non-profits, so you can direct your funds in line with your passions, and feel confident knowing that 100% of your donations go directly to the causes you select.

If you’re looking for a fun and practical way to increase your giving, I hope you’ll check them out.