Growth Hurts

These are my 7 year old’s hands… blisters from gymnastics.


She’s been doing gymnastics off an on since she was 2, but consistently for the past 3 years, and lately she’s pushing herself to a new level – one that involves pain.

The kid already has a great cartwheel, and sometimes she’s content to just do that… constantly, all over the house – she’s accidentally kicked every single family member now, including the dog. (We’re working on “look before you kick your feet in the air” as a household policy!)

Anyhow, she likes the comfort of doing what she already knows, and sometimes gets frustrated with practicing a new skill, and the inevitable “failure” that comes with it.

But then she sees others who are ahead of her, and she wants to be there, so she’ll push again. She’ll go back to falling, back to blisters, back to the sore muscles. Seemingly, back to square one. But it’s actually just the first square of a new level.

One time she actually said to me (when learning to do the splits), “It hurts a little… but it’s worth it.”

(Seriously. I almost hired her as my Coach on the spot. ?)

As business owners, we have something to learn from her – and from bruised and blistered tiny athletes everywhere.

Doing business the way you know it is fine. You do your cartwheels and feel good about being in control of that. But there are higher levels available, with cooler skills, more fulfillment, and bigger rewards.

There are new levels to master, but it might require you to go back to the fundamentals of sales, marketing, leadership, time management, systems… or whatever. Improving these skills are the keys to unlocking your next level of business growth.

There will be owies along the way… but man, will you feel awesome when you stick that landing. When you build the business you know you’re capable of building.

Because you can.

Because it’s your obligation to fully develop and maximize your gifts – for the benefit of yourself, those you serve, and those who will be inspired by your blisters along the way.