5 Lessons Learned From High-Growth Business Owners

Your business cannot grow faster than you do.

The good news is that lessons are all around us.

While I’m a huge proponent of books, videos, conferences, etc… sometimes the most profound lessons are the simple ones you can find in day-to-day life – IF you’re paying attention.

I call these BFO’s = Blinding Flashes of the Obvious.

It’s that “A-HA!” moment when something clicks. When all that education you’ve invested in culminates into something so simply brilliant that it can change the course of your business.

I’m also a fan of learning from other’s experiences, especially because it just might be the reminder you need to avoid “re-learning” something the hard way.

Here are a few BFO’s my clients have shared with me recently. If any of these spark at ????for you, let me know! Or if you’ve recently had a BFO of your own that has made a big impact on your business, I’d love to hear it!