How to Follow-Up Without Being Lame


Following up with slow-moving prospects can be painful – for both you and them!

I’m sure this is the reason why most businesses only follow up once or twice (if at all!)… even though studies show that it takes an average of 7 touches to make a sale.

But seriously, how many times can you make the “how about now?” calls or “just checking in…” emails? It’s no wonder why the prospect never responds unless they’re ready to make a buying decision.

So, instead of continuing to do follow-up the lame way, I developed a new way to make a connection with prospects, called the Follow-Up Twister – a more professional, relationship-oriented approach to following up with prospects.

It’s best to think about it like a pair of dice: on 1 die is the ways in which you can follow-up with someone, and on the other are the reasons to follow up. On the first die, the ways in which you can contact prospects, can include things like the typical calls and emails, or mixing it up with methods like a handwritten note, a letter, popping by their office with treats, or a non-business function such as a football game or charity event.

On the second die are the reasons why you’re making contact. One of my favorites is “I saw this and thought of you.”

This can apply to anything from coming up with a new idea of how you can serve them that may not have been included in your initial proposal, or clipping an interesting magazine article that the prospect might enjoy. Note that such an article takes on a different feel when sent by email vs. folded inside a handwritten note, or delivered in person with treats.

So roll the dice to mix and match the ways and reasons to connect with your prospect, add value, deepen the relationship and further the sale… without being lame!

Happy follow-up!