How to Hire the Right Person + Interview/Hiring Guide

A new hire costs thousands and thousands of dollars.
(Not to mention the enormous expense of having a bad employee!)

That’s why you must prepare accordingly.

Hiring should receive the same level of preparation that you would in dealing with your top client… After all, your own business is your most important client.

So there’s one crucial principle I share with my clients (and use myself!) when it comes to hiring new employees:

Hire for character, train for skill.


Well, it’s usually the character fit that’s going to determine someone’s success within your organization.

See, skills can be taught.  But you can’t teach a culture fit – meaning you can’t teach someone honesty, friendliness, or to just care about their job.

So how do you know if someone has the right kind of character you’re looking for?

It starts by asking the right interview questions.  Doing this will get people to tell you stories instead of the usual scripted, over-prepared, and fluffed up answers you’ve heard before (and tell you nothing about who they really are.)

I’ve found that if you get people talking and telling stories, you can learn as much about them by what they say as what they don’t say.  You’ll see how quickly they think on their feet, how engaging they are, and how they deliver their story.

It’s these intangible qualities that will give you a much better indication of who they are as a person, and how well they’ll fit into your business.

Asking the right interview questions will dramatically increase your odds of making the right hiring decision So if you’re looking to hire, take it seriously.

In the Hire for Character Interview Guide, I outlined the 6 key areas that business owners most commonly need to screen for, along with a few questions to help you figure out how an applicant measures up in each area.

Happy hiring!



TThe Question Asking Guide to Ensure You Make the Right Hiring Decision for Your Next Employee