Is Your Recruiting Attracting Great Talent?

Are your recruiting efforts ATTRACTING great candidates?

One of the huge mistakes I see in recruiting is when a company does “market research” to see what other companies are posting for comparable positions…

[here comes the mistake]

…and then takes bits of several of those ads and smashes it all together into one bland job posting.

It would be like buying a car from an ad that says:

  • Our car has 4 wheels, an engine, and it’s exciting to be in.
  • We are the best car company.
  • You are responsible for pushing all pedals, steering and music selection, in collaboration with your teenagers and/or all other adults who might ride within.
  • Trust us, you will love this car.
  • Did we mention it’s exciting?
  • Price: $50k.

Um… I won’t be coming in for a test drive.

So why do recruiting ads sound pretty much like that, but with more words?

Instead, approach recruiting like marketing.

What does the right candidate need to know that will compel them to apply?

Bonus if it also repels the wrong candidates.