3 Tips to Scale Your Leadership Right Now

As your company grows, your role as a leader will continue to evolve. This transition can be an exciting and challenging time.

Often I see talented executives focus on championing change through their teams, technology or systems… But the most successful ones focus on developing their own leadership skills first.

After all, a team will never out-perform their leader. They may contribute different strengths, but the leader sets the pace.

Here are three foundationally focused ways you can begin to scale your own leadership skills:

Help Your Team Find Purpose… Even in the Mundane

To get people behind you with focus and dedication, you need them to show up to be a part of something beyond the paycheck.

In his book Great At Work, Morten Hansen outlines five common sources of passion that go far beyond the tasks a person does in their job. As it turns out, most employees aren’t motivated by tasks anyway – no surprise, right? But they are motivated by achievement, competence, creativity, learning, or human interaction.

How does what your company do connect to a deeper sense of passion and purpose for your team, above and beyond profit?

Scale your communication style

When you are the leader, the most powerful tool you have is your words. How you communicate with people become crucial.

Setting a regular cadence for team meetings is not only vital to the flow of communication, but it will prevent hours of lost productivity caused by interruptions, questions and sidebar conversations that would otherwise pepper the entire week.

Determining a scheduled time and holding to that structure will help your team be productive, accountable and established in their own roles.

Reshape your network

When you’re in the day to day trenches it’s easy to lose sight that the people around you are critical to your success.

Take the time to develop real relationships both internally and externally.

Internal: The quality of a relationship has a direct correlation a person’s willingness to go the extra mile for someone else. When your team sincerely feels cared for and about, that extra mile comes without question.

External: Get out of your office and out of your own head. Visit professional associations, customers, alumni groups and clubs. New ideas and opportunities are best fostered in new environments.

Exciting as it can be, scaling comes with a learning curve. Tackling these new leadership skills will develop confidence in facing the demands of your growing company.

That is, until it is time to scale again.