How To Simplify Your Business Strategy

James Clear said,

Beginner = ignorant simplicity
Intermediate = functional complexity
Advanced = profound simplicity

In business, I’ve found that creating a strategic plan sounds simple. You can read a book on how to do it and understand the concepts. It’s not rocket science.

However, when you go to actually create and execute on that plan, you can quickly drown in complexity. And that’s where most strategic plans go to die, as leadership teams give up on the process and go back to their old ways.

In this video I share a story of one of my clients who didn’t succumb to the complexity. Instead, they chose to wrestle with the difficult questions, until they achieved the next level – Profound Simplicity.

If you’re currently stuck in “functional complexity”, reach out. Sometimes having an outside facilitator is exactly what your leadership team needs to break through to new levels of clarity.