Tip for Effective Negotiating


In this video, I address one of the most AWKWARD moments we all face in sales situations…

First I explain how to create such awkwardness, and then how to use it to your advantage.

Here’s a tip that’s often overlooked in sales circumstances: Be ok with silence. It’s hard and awkward, but my dad taught me at a very young age, “He who speaks next loses.”

Here’s what happens: You’re in a sales situation and present your proposal or idea, and sometimes there’s an awkward silence, and we have an urge to fill the silence because it’s uncomfortable, so we just start talking.

But what happens when we do that is we start down-selling and backpedalling, and present objections that maybe weren’t even there before you started.  So if you’re ok with silence and let them be the next person to speak, then you can hear if there are objections, what they really are so you can address them.  It’s a bit uncomfortable and it will feel like an eternity, but if you’re ok with silence it will help you get more information out of the other person so you can take the next best step.

Here’s a tip to help you make it a bit more comfortable for you after you’ve presented your price or proposal: Ask the other person, “So how does this fit with what you had in mind?”  Then you can be ok with silence, you’ve posed a question, and made it natural for them to be the next one to speak and let you know what their thoughts are on what you’ve presented.

Let me know if you have any great sales techniques, I would love to hear!


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