[VIDEO] How to Deal with a Bad Employee & Advice From Jack Handey

You may remember those Jack Handey bits from Saturday Night Live from back in the day…

While they were mostly ridiculous, I actually found some wisdom in ‘Deep Thoughts’ – and it has to do with your team.

If you’re witnessing less-than-stellar performance coming from your team, this video was made just for you…!


Your business is only as good as your team – and let’s face it – you have been putting up with some bad employees that frustrate you and consistently drop the ball despite your feedback and your efforts to help them improve. Or worse, they give you just enough to keep you hanging on. Maybe they have some redeeming quality that allows you to continue to put up with their mediocre-at best-performance- in every other way, and can give you the false hope that you can fix them if you just try harder. Here’s what Jack Handey had to say about that:

“If you ever drop your key into a river of molten lava, let ’em go, because man, they’re gone.” -Jack Handey
In other words, there comes a time when you have to accept that something’s not working, and move on.

In fact, the first step to resolving employee headaches is to look in the mirror. What have you done or not done that’s allowed it to get to this level of frustration? Be sure to check your training procedures and your accountability systems. Are you giving performance reviews with feedback and accountability, and giving them all the tools they need to succeed?

Well, if you’ve done all those things, and they’re still not meeting your standards, it’s time to just let it go, man.

If you need help hiring the right employees, I can help get some recruiting systems in place that don’t just focus on skill alone, but also focus on getting the right character and personality so you can be confident they’re going to succeed within your organization.

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