Why You Need Better Problems

Your New Goal…

Focus on Higher Quality Problems

If you’re a business owner, how do you respond to new acquaintances when they ask what you do? To really get someone’s attention, say you’re a professional problem-solver.

Think about it. Your success as an entrepreneur is based almost entirely on your ability to solve problems.

You started with an idea; what product or service can I offer to solve a problem in the marketplace?

That led to the next problem to be solved: how to get customers.

After that happened — lo and behold — you had to solve the problems of how best to serve them, make a profit, and begin scaling it up…

These are good problems to have, right? And as time goes on, there will be more of them, including the problem of setting up systems to be as efficient as possible and the problem of hiring and retaining the best people, to name just two.


The Bad News: Your Problems Will Never Go Away

Your goal should be to have higher quality problems, because that reflects the fact that your business is growing, evolving into an enterprise that presents you with more problems to solve.

If you’re like most business owners, you’ll roll with this, and love the challenge that comes with “advanced” problem-solving.


Remember This

Never forget that you’re not just a problem-solver — you’re a professional problem-solver.

Reveling in the problem-solving role certainly isn’t an excuse to operate in chaos. You should be aiming to solve problems that will help you:

  • Operate more efficiently
  • Better serve your team
  • Better solve customers’ problems
  • Exponentially grow your business
  • Make a better life for you and those you serve


Adjust Your Thinking

Rather than seeing problems as obstacles, consider them as opportunities to devise solutions that will move your business forward — and embrace those that are higher quality. You’re a professional problem-solver, after all.