Work Best Under Pressure? Here’s A Tip…

Do you work best under pressure? Well, that’s great, as long as there’s pressure. The problem is that this cycle can cause you to create fires so that you can put them out.

Like taking on more than you should, or procrastinating until there’s an urgent deadline.

If the pressure of the last-minute crunch is causing you to sacrifice more personal time than you’d care to admit, check out this video.

Call it a #lifehack or just a ridiculous challenge… but it works.

10 years ago I imposed a consequence on myself that would’ve cost me more money than I had if I did not achieve my goal.

The good news is, I achieved a 3 month goal with mere hours to spare – talk about performing under pressure!

The better news is, that set my business on an upward trajectory that has not stopped since.

I’ve since used this technique on myself many times, for both big and small goals, and I can tell you that it’s the outside accountability that makes it work – so don’t skip that step!

Are you brave enough to share yours here?? ?